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Clinical Herbalism

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Supportive Massage

Swedish and Lomi Lomi strokes support and revitalize your tired and overworked muscles. Swedish forms the foundation for most massage work. Based in the healing traditions of Hawaii, Lomi Lomi’s long sweeping motions soothe and ease tension and pain. Injury recovery, stress related conditions, and general relaxation are best served by this style of massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Connective Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release represent a deeper, more reconstructive style of massage aimed at re-sculpting the fascia that connects your muscles to one another and to your bones and other structures surrounding them. Chronic or persistent injuries, old scar tissue, and positional stress conditions all respond well to this approach.

Energy Alignment

Core Synchronism Therapy

Core is based on gentle osteopathic manipulation, similar to craniosacral therapy. In addition to addressing skeletal and soft tissue alignments, it also involves balancing the energetic and etheric planes and the major and minor chakras.

This therapy is typically provided with a gentle supportive touch to your head, feet, and other parts of your body. However, it is equally effective with a light touch; or if you are extremely sensitive, Gail can provide this therapy with no touch at all. Inflammatory conditions that preclude traditional massage can greatly benefit from this type of therapy. Clients who suffer from autoimmune disorders, nervous system disorders, and general hypersensitivity are particularly indicated for energetic alignment.

Clinical Herbalism

The extensive health history collected on your first visit gives you access to the world of medicinal plants as a part of your visit to The Karuna. Herbal products allow you to extend your healing experience beyond the therapy room into your daily life. Remedies can be useful in countless ways, but among the most popular are: supporting lifestyle changes, gently easing the symptoms of many common conditions, and speeding healing after injury or illness.

Custom blended teas and tinctures are crafted just for you, based on your goals and health concerns. Relax over a steaming cup of tea if that suits you, or choose a concentrated tincture if your life is more on-the-go. Either way, the herbs chosen will gently support you on your healing path.

Herbal Salves for muscle tension, wound support, bruise recovery, and skin health can form a part of your massage experience and are available for purchase as well.