Clinical Herbalism

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clinical herbalism 600x399Herbal Healing

The extensive health history collected on your first visit gives you access to the world of medicinal plants as a part of your visit to The Karuna.  Herbal products allow you to extend your healing experience beyond the therapy room into your daily life.  Remedies can be useful in countless ways, but among the most popular are: supporting lifestyle changes, gently easing the symptoms of many common conditions, and speeding healing after injury or illness.

Custom Teas and Tinctures

Custom teas blended by Gail Karuna-VetterCustom blended teas and tinctures are crafted just for you, based on your goals and health concerns.  Relax over a steaming cup of tea if that suits you, or choose a concentrated tincture if your life is more on-the-go.  Either way, the herbs chosen will gently support you on your healing path.

Herbal Salves

Salves for muscle tension, wound support, bruise recovery, and skin health can form a part of your massage experience and are available for purchase as well.

bigdogClinical Herbalism