541-513-7772 • 150 Monroe St. • Eugene, OR

“I have seen Gail many times and have always left feeling better than before.  She is an amazing healer.  I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering from aches and pains.  With a relaxing atmosphere and not a minute rushed, she takes the time to get to know you and your body with a genuine and sincere approach that I have never experienced with anyone else.  I have recommended her on many occasions to friends and family, knowing that she will help them feel better too.”
~ Nichoel W.

“My time with Gail has always been time well spent.  Her gentle demeanor and fact-based assessments are an excellent combination for me.  I am continually impressed by her level of care.  She is a straight forward, tell-it-like-it-is kind of gal.  Her sessions are always a combination of immediate gratification and movement towards long-term healing.”
~ S. R. Stevens

“I first went to Gail for chronic sciatic nerve pain as a result of an epidural needle puncture.  At that time, I had been in constant pain for almost 10 years.  After Gail took me through an intensive protocol for this kind of injury, my pain level dropped significantly and my muscle spasms disappeared completely.  Everyone in my family has gone to see her and we love to keep her herbal remedies stocked in our home first-aid kit.”
~ Alyse H.

“I have been searching for a single practitioner who can provide me with a more holistic and comprehensive health program, rather than having to see multiple people with all the associated costs.  Gail Karuna-Vetter is that practitioner.  Her keen understanding of herbalism, cranial-sacral therapy, energy systems, dietary recommendations, and so many other areas of life coaching have helped my growth and development in ways that are difficult to put into words.  Gail has so much beauty and magic in her demeanor, her touch, and her therapeutic manner that I honestly cannot recommend her enough.”
~ Charles R.